Bus Driver & Bus Aide Appreciation Week

busThe week of Oct. 20-24 is National School Bus Safety Week.

Reflections Contest

PTA RefelctionsThis year’s PTA Reflections program focuses on the theme — “The world would be a better place if …”

Students in Pre-K through grade 12 create theme-based artwork in dance choreography, film production, literature, musical composition, photography or visual arts.

Due 10/27/14              Virginia PTA          Student Entry Form

Red Ribbon Week

red-ribbon-mdRed Ribbon Week will be 10/20 – 10/24
Thursday - OES Smarties Don’t Do Drugs – OES Spirit Shirts
Friday - Put a Cap on Drugs – Wear a cap/hat

Automated Attendance Calls

attendanceAs a safety precaution, the automated attendance calls sent when your child is absent from school will now be sent earlier in the day.  Starting Monday, November 3, attendance calls for elementary and middle school students will be pushed out at 10:45 a.m.
Parents are encouraged to review the telephone number that School Messenger currently uses for attendance calls.  The first phone number in the student information system is the default setting for receiving attendance calls.  Because that number might be a home number, parents might want to change the School Messenger setting to a daytime cell phone number.
For technical assistance, please email Bethanne Bradshaw at bethannebradshaw@spsk12.net

5th Grade Science Experiment

IMG_0263Fifth grade students set up an experiment on density using regular and diet Coke(R).  Students created a hypothesis, identified the independent/dependent variables, constants, conducted trials, and recorded their results in small groups.  Most students were able to conclude that it was the sugar in the regular Coke(R) that made it sink, while the diet Coke(R) floated (different densities).  

A is for Apple

20141009_104054Students in Early Start are learning letters of the alphabet!  Recently, students made applesauce to help them remember the letter “A.”

October Wellness Calendar

barbellClick on the calendar link below and see if you can meet October’s Challenge. Contact: annemccoy@spsk12.net

October (click)

United Way Student Campaign is ON!

crazy_hair3 Events to Go! :-)

October 24th – Hat Day .50c
November 3rd – Relay Race Day $1.00
Contact: karenbranson@spsk12.net

3rd Grade Greek Celebritas

roman_numeral3rd Grade students will be celebrating Greek Celebritas on October 23rd.  Are you interested in helping?  Make sure you have a SPS Volunteer Application on file in the main office.

Contact: jodielinkous@spsk12.net    SPS Volunteer Application    Parent Letter

Home Access Center Access

gradebookEmails were sent out to parents who signed up for The Home Access center.  Parents who did NOT receive an email may fill out the form below and return it to the Oakland main office for new account creation.

Home Access Center Application

School Messenger

School MessengerSign-up for School Messenger to receive alerts via text message, phone, and/or e-mail.  The alerts include:

  • Emergency Broadcasts
  • School Closings & Delays
  • School Day Emergencies

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Welcome to Oakland!

At Oakland we enjoy activities together that encourage academic growth, healthy habits, SOL’s with a kinesthetic approach, and an environment conducive to developing the whole learner.  Every grade level participates in a Resource Day where students are immersed in SOL’s via a hands on approach.  Art, library, music, and physical education teachers guide the children through events directly correlated to the Virginia SOL’s.  We also encourage wellness activities through pedometer challenges and fruits and veggies taste tests during our yearly Fitness and Nutrition event.  In addition, students have extracurricular activities such as ONN News Network, Theater Cafe, Chorus, March Madness, Shamrock Run Club, Odyssey of the Mind, Talented Art, and Talented Music.  Click on the photos below to see our school in action.

OES Wordle