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School Board Considering Time Changes for Next School Year

December 15, 2017

The Suffolk School Board at its Dec. 14, 2017 meeting heard suggestions from the Superintendent about changing the school schedule for the 2018-19 school year.  The board will make a decision in conjunction with its vote on the rezoning plan for 2018-19.  At the bottom of this page is an opportunity for you to share you input.

The information below was included in the 12-14-17 presentation to the Board:
Advantages of Proposed Changes to Tiers
  • Current tiers do not allow enough time between high school runs and Elementary A runs
    • (Tiers 2 and 3).
  • New proposal: One (1) hour between tiers which would allow more on-time arrivals.
  • New proposal: Elementary students home earlier in the afternoon.
  • New proposal: High school tier requires fewer drivers; therefore, more drivers will be available for athletic and activity runs.
  • In addition, research shows there are several benefits to later start times for high school students. This includes: increased attendance rates, increased academic performance, decreases in disciplinary action and decreases in student-involved car accidents.  Source:  American Psychological Association
Current Bus Tiers
Tier Schools Bus Arrival Start of School School Dismissal Buses Depart School
T1 FGM, JFK, JYMS, KFMS 7:00 7:25 2:00 2:10
T2 LHS, KFHS, NRHS 8:00 8:25 3:00 3:15
T3 DES, NSE, HPE, MBE, KSE 8:50 9:20 3:35 3:50
T4 PIO, BTW, EFE, OES, CSE, NPE 9:05 9:35 3:50 4:05
Proposed Bus Tiers
Tier Schools Bus Arrival Start of School School Dismissal Buses Depart School
T1 FGM, JFK, JYMS, KFMS, FCMS SECEP 7:00 7:25 2:00 2:15
T2 FBES, NSE,HPE, MBE, KSE, PIO, BTW, EFE, OES, CSE, NPE 8:00 8:35 3:00 3:15
T3 LHS, KFHS, NRHS 9:00 9:25 4:00 4:10
Advantages of Additional Time for Elementary Schools
  • Increased instructional time
  • Additional planning time during the school day
  • 10 additional minutes provides approximately 36 additional hours of instruction in a school year
  • This allows for about six banked days for inclement weather
  • More half days for teacher planning and record-keeping at the elementary level
Increasing Elementary Instructional Time
  Current School Hours Proposed Hours
ELEMENTARY 6 hours 15 Min(5 hours 35 Min) 6 Hours 25 Min(5 hours 45 Min)
SECONDARY 6 Hours 35 Min(6 Hours 5 Min) 6 Hours 35 Min(6 Hours 5 Min)
Opportunity for Public Input:  

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