About Our School

OES Exterior
Vision Statement

Our vision at Oakland Elementary School, in collaboration with its community, is to provide an educational program that targets success for every student, every day, in an environment that encourages quality, equality, dignity and respect. Our children will become self-motivated, lifelong learners who are contributing members of a global society.

Mission Statement

To provide student-centered instruction that prepares students to become responsible world citizens and lifelong learners.

Belief Statement

1. Student learning is the priority of the school.

2. Each student’s unique physical, social, emotional and intellectual qualities are valuable assets to our school.

3. Positive relationships and joint respect among and between students and staff foster students’ self-esteem.

4. Students learn best when exposed to real-life learning experiences.

5. A safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment increases students’ learning potential.

6. All students can be motivated to learn.

7. Students should experience instruction that is modified to support their individual learning styles.

8. A commitment to continuous exploration of current trends in education is essential to enable students to become confident, self-motivated, lifelong learners.

9. The school’s mission will be best accomplished through a collaborative effort among teachers, administrators, students, parents and community.

10. Student learning needs should be the primary focus for all decisions implemented by the school.