For Parents


Thank you parents for supporting Oakland.  We invite you to volunteer!

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Volunteer Connect provides instant online matching to connect your talents & interests with specific school opportunities.

Every day, students and teachers across our school division benefit from the generosity of volunteers who take the time to share their talents with our children. The countless tasks performed by volunteers are vital to the continued operation and success of our schools. Sharing your life experiences, memories, technical know-how, or friendship with a young person can make a huge impact on a student’s life and achievement.

Volunteer Guidelines
Volunteers sign in at the school’s main office and receive a volunteer or visitor badge each time they visit a school.

Volunteer Opportunities
There are many ways to volunteer in our schools! Here are some ways you can help:

• Tutor an individual or a small group of students in an academic subject.
• Mentor a student and motivate him/her to excel.
• Share your special skill, hobby, collection or story to enrich the curriculum.
• Translate and interpret for our families who are non-native English speakers.
• Assist a teacher in the classroom.
• Help with clerical tasks so the teacher can focus on instruction.
• Catalog, shelve, mend or recommend books in a school’s library media center.
• Chaperone a class or club field trip.
• Devote your computer or communications skills to school newsletters, web sites, or other publicity.
• Lead the PTA or a Booster Club.
• Sponsor or assist with an extracurricular club.
• Mulch, rake, weed, paint or otherwise beautify a school campus.
• Prepare food for hungry and appreciative students and faculty/staff.
• Ask if there is anything else you can do!