Podcast by Subject
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Visual Memory PK

Size, Shape, and Comparison PK

Counting Objects PK

Basic Math PK

SOL K.1a Math (Months of the Year)

SOL 1.1 Math (Counting Backwards)

SOL 1.18 Equality

SOL 2.5 Addition & Subtraction (Touch Math)

Sol 2.9 Fact Families

SOL 2.9 Place Value Patterns

SOL 2.10 Money (Touch Points)

SOL 3.4 Math (Division)

SOL 3.5 Math (Multiplication)

SOL 3.1 Math (Expanded/Standard Form)

SOL 4.7 Math (Different Ways to Multiply)

SOL 4.7 Conversion Caterpillar

SOL 4.8 Math (Different Ways to Divide)-Part 1

SOL 4.8 Math (Different Ways to Divide)-Part 2 

SOL 4.8b (Gallons, Quarts, Pints, Cups)

SOL 5.16 Math (Measures of Center) – Mean, Mode, Median, Range

Hand Game for all levels- Quick Draw



Educational Games – PK

Higher Level Thinking Games – PK

SOL K.7a Letter Recognition

SOL K.7 Working with Letters

SOL 1.9 Reading Comprehension (Beginning, Middle, End)

SOL 1.6 Reading & Spelling

Sol 2.8 and 2.9 Reading Comprehension

SOL 3.4 Expanding Vocabulary

SOL 5.4 Homophones

Brain Exercises – ABC – 123 – 4 Letter Word Play

Reading Strategies –12 Skills of Reading my Teacher Taught to Me

 Strands of Reading


Writing through Movement:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Writing through the Grade Levels


Social Studies

SOL 3.4 Ancient Greece & Rome



SOL 5.6 & 5.7 Oceans and Earth’s Crust



Health SOL k.1a, 1.2f, 2.2a, 4.1a Healthy Bracelet Song

Fitness and Nutrition across Virginia