Title I

title 1 photoHave you ever wondered about Title 1?  Our Title 1 Staff Members are:

Mrs. Snashall and Mrs. Wiggins
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Oakland is a School wide Title 1 school this year, which means that any student who needs supplemental reading strategies can be instructed in flexible small groups that address any re-teaching concerns.  Students are identified using a combination of assessments:  the DSA (Developmental Spelling Assessment), PALS scores (including the Instructional Reading Level (IRL), spelling inventory, and Quick Checks), NWEA MAP reading scores, English Benchmarks, Reading & Writing classroom grades ,and teacher recommendation.  Mrs. Snashall is the Title I Reading Specialist providing supplemental reading assistance, 20-30 minutes daily, with the goal of providing explicit instruction in word study (spelling), developing fluency, higher level comprehension skills, and linking the reciprocity of writing with reading.  Title 1’s goal is to provide strategic lessons where students do not miss any of the regular whole group homeroom instruction.  We review data and scores at least every 9 weeks to ascertain if the student needs this tentative, extra support.

Thank you for inquiring about the Title 1 Selection process.  We look forward to working with you!